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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Free Speech on College Campus


Students can't say 'anything that prompts complaints from listeners'

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/12/disorderly-conduct-college-sued-for-censoring-christian/#2M7x3QOM5ub7213b.99


This article from WND.com unveils the depths which have been plumbed to circumnavigate the entire First Amendment right of free speech. While outright vulgarity, obsennity, violence-inducing music lyrics and outright hate speech directed towards anything and anyone either white, male or Christian is officially given a permit to publically pronounce the speakers point of view it seems the "free speech zones" are anything BUT free.

This is the fruit of a 60+ year effort by liberals, first to infiltrate our educational system, to gradually introduce revisionist history, then to federalize the entire public school system, and then totally control it. That would guarantee at least two generations of people who had no concept of American exceptionalism and no clue to the great faith our Founders and Builders had in Almighty God.
And there were warnings and signs along the way. Some with foresight established alternative educational systems. But Christians mostly went about their business, not believing such a perversion could ever succeed.
Today we see the fruits of our slumber. We cannot reverse and undo the damage caused since the 1960s. But we can, and many are, finding ways to circumvent the existing evolved system. Despite opposition to home schooling and Charter schools, many young people have thrived in them, and several studies indicated these students scored higher on the State Standardized Acheivement Tests.
We just aren't ever going to retake the public school system from the nefarious agenda that now so thoroughly embraces it. But we can all be a part of helping to maintain alternative forms of education including making financial contributions on behalf of poorer families with children so they can be free from this vast left-wing conspiracy.

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