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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Free Speech on College Campus


Students can't say 'anything that prompts complaints from listeners'

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/12/disorderly-conduct-college-sued-for-censoring-christian/#2M7x3QOM5ub7213b.99


This article from WND.com unveils the depths which have been plumbed to circumnavigate the entire First Amendment right of free speech. While outright vulgarity, obsennity, violence-inducing music lyrics and outright hate speech directed towards anything and anyone either white, male or Christian is officially given a permit to publically pronounce the speakers point of view it seems the "free speech zones" are anything BUT free.

This is the fruit of a 60+ year effort by liberals, first to infiltrate our educational system, to gradually introduce revisionist history, then to federalize the entire public school system, and then totally control it. That would guarantee at least two generations of people who had no concept of American exceptionalism and no clue to the great faith our Founders and Builders had in Almighty God.
And there were warnings and signs along the way. Some with foresight established alternative educational systems. But Christians mostly went about their business, not believing such a perversion could ever succeed.
Today we see the fruits of our slumber. We cannot reverse and undo the damage caused since the 1960s. But we can, and many are, finding ways to circumvent the existing evolved system. Despite opposition to home schooling and Charter schools, many young people have thrived in them, and several studies indicated these students scored higher on the State Standardized Acheivement Tests.
We just aren't ever going to retake the public school system from the nefarious agenda that now so thoroughly embraces it. But we can all be a part of helping to maintain alternative forms of education including making financial contributions on behalf of poorer families with children so they can be free from this vast left-wing conspiracy.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Revisionist Historians and Donald Trump


We will soon be able to read revisionist history, written by the educators and intellectuals who will be declaring Mr. Obama to be the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln, and perhaps even greater. As ironic as it will seem, it will be wealthy white male ultra-liberal progressives proclaiming how Barack Obama stood up and forcefully acted for those who had been horribly oppressed by obsessively bigoted Conservatives and Christians. And that he gallantly rose in the face of a white hooded Congress throughout his eight years, he was able to, once and for all time, eliminate the very existence of the racist male dominated white middle class.

There are a few things they will NOT write about, and they will NOT tell you HOW he managed the impossible.

They will not explain the matter of Executive Orders, or how he bypassed Congress using these orders to implement thousands of pages of rules and regulations so to strangle and kill industry and business.

These Revisionist Historians will NOT explain how he ignored existing laws by opening the borders then prohibiting the enforcement of these existing immigration laws. They will neglect to inform readers that his administration set up an independent welfare system whereby Illegal immigrants were financially taken care of with paid housing, free medical care, free education, food stamps and transportation while natural-born citizens fell deeper into poverty, hunger, homelessness and despair. And they will fail to report about how wile an illegal immigrant enjoys the American Dream tens of thousands of Combat Veterans starve, live in cardboard shacks and die while waiting for help from a gangrene infected Veterans Administration.

These same arrogant Liberal Revisionist Historians will neglect to tell how, through Obama's blatant political liberalism, he managed to destroy the very fabric of American exceptionalism, encouraged the globalism that drove the final nails into the coffin which held the emancipated remains of American small business, and the traditional middle class.

Prior to the Presidential election of 2016 progressive political elites on the Republican side pledged to support the Party's eventual nominee. Each of the politicians stayed true to their profession and lied. After the Presidential election it was revealed that many of these "conservative" progressive Republicans had a common donor..... the opposition... Clinton! I doubt the Revisionist Historians will tell us the depth of the corruption.

And these same Educators/Revisionist Historians will attempt to explain away the entire election of 2016. This was the year Middle America, what used to be called "The Silent Majority" had endured enough and woke up. They elected a charismatic and successful businessman who had promised "to drain the swamp".

But that "swamp" was bigger than he had anticipated. Of course there were the top levels of political appointees. But then there were multiple layers of even more appointees, put into place by the political people, but layered deeply, embedded right down to the core.

There was the Department of Education. Transformed by Lyndon Johnson, the Federal Government began taking control of education away from parents, teachers and local school boards. Originally disguised as intending to better educational opportunities to the poor and minorities, the mission was to Federalize education and to control what students learned and how they learned it. The damage this Department has done is being felt now nationwide. The entire Department is corrupt.

The examples are too numerous to list and every Department is a cesspool in and of itself. To "drain the swamp" would require a tenacity not seen in Washington DC in decades, and to drain it effectively could take years. And in order to set the Federal Government right would require the transfer of powers back to each State. Our upcoming Revisionist Historians will have a field day with this.

I admire one who feels the burden to lead the charge in cleaning up our Nation enough to set aside his business, to delay enjoying the fruits of his lifelong hard work, and to willingly set himself up for the inevitable lies, deceit and slander he has begun to experience. I love my Country, but it takes a special person to embark on Donald Trump's mission. And I truly wish him well and will pray for him.

We have a fair concept of his task ahead as he prepares to "drain the swamp". But I fear it will be discovered the swamp was too deep, air too stagnant, and the political environment too damaged for any meaningful repair to be done.

Revisionist Historians, the super elite of the liberal educators who have hijacked the very soul of America, will rewrite the facts of history in a few years, just as they now seek to revise and repudiate the results of the 2016 elections.

One day in the future you make sure you tell the truth to your grandchildren. You be sure to tell them that Elite Intellectual Liberal Revisionist Historians are not telling the truth. And despite what their school history teachers are telling them, you were there in 2016. And you saw a non-politician stand up for ALL AMERICANS against the system, and against all odds he is the one who picked up where Abraham Lincoln left off, and he led the charge to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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