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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We CHOSE the Slippery Slope Road

We CHOSE to take the slippery slope road.

Roe v Wade was about a particular court case and a particular law. Congress could have rewritten that law, repeatedly if required, then passed it, let it wind thru the appeals process, lose, do it again. Whatever it took.

No, we allowed the abortion door to open AND allowed judicial legislation to flourish even more. Now that it is the norm gay marriage is allowed. The Transgender bathroom decree moved legislation from the Courts to the Administration. It now doesn't even require an Executive Order.

The slippery slope has allowed federally funded abortion on demand, gay marriage and will soon bring us even more libertarian liberties. Designer test tube children, euthanasia, sales of body parts (kidney for sale), polygamy, and legalized pedophile crimes.

The slippery slope doesn't end there. As our legal system moves farther from Congressional Laws to "Rules by Decree", Progressive thought will dwell more on children. Already we have taken education away from parents. Perhaps we should also shield these otherwise brilliant minds from the horrors of religion, and ban teaching children about God until they turn 16 years old.

And this is where the slippery slope really becomes a repeat of history. We will begin to see Eugenics being hauled out of the closet, dusted off, repainted and represented, in an attractive package of some sort I imagine. But all the same basic reasons will apply.

Margaret Sanger wanted to rid America of Blacks and saw abortion as the perfect vehicle. Down the road as financial crisis after crisis cripple our economy more we will be asked to make "tough decisions". The terminal and unwell elderly will be terminated. Then the severely mentally ill, handicapped, and the unwanted. And finally the unwanted, undesirable and political extremists. Criminals need not worry. Progressives cannot ever accept capital punishment.

It is a slippery slope. We sat by and allowed this to happen. It was done on our watch. And I think, at this point, and without a very real and bloody civil war, our path cannot be changed or altered. We would need a very strong President and a very United Congress to strip judicial activism back to where the Constitution intended it to be. And it would require a President like George Washington, one willing to do the job and then retire and go home to pull it off.

State and local governments would have to relearn how to govern themselves. The major "Departments" would have to terminate layer upon layer of wasteful bureaucrats b fore eventually disbanding themselves. Every State would again become their own Commonwealth or Sovereign entity again.

No, I am afraid the slippery slope road is the final road of choice for America, and I doubt there are a majority of Americans who would work for the change.

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