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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Who will be Thrown Under the Bus?

Who Will Be Thrown Under The Bus?

It makes one wonder who could throw whom under the bus. Clinton & Clinton vs Obama and Friends. I would reckon there is enough baggage on both sides that would cause Ken Starr to wet his pants, literally. The damning evidence each holds on the other would cause the Beltway thieves to literally explode. We all know there was a 2008 meeting between Hillary, Obama and someone very powerful in the real governing body of the US, in which Obama walked away with an assured nomination and Hillary with the Secretary of State position.
And we know there is no love lost between the two. None. Zip.
Each one has enough facts and documentation to cause either or both to be eligible to spend a long long time in Leavenworth. My guess is that a part of the deal is going to be Hillary receiving a Nixon-type pardon that covers any and all crimes that 'may have occurred'. And if she wins I believe he will receive a very similar piece of paper. But that is ONLY if their unsteady cease fire holds together long enough. If the Justice Department chooses to prosecute her Obama just has to pardon her immediately or her illusions of grandeur go up in smoke. And his ambition to either sit on the Supreme Court or in the United Nations will forever be a dream.
There is a very complex of lies, perjury, deceit and coverup playing out on the Beltway right now, and I am not talking about the RNC vs Trump fiasco.
Regardless of whether we have any use for Donald Trump or his political views and gaffes, he is complicating the corruption in Washington DC. Trump does not play the politics game and that is terrifying the leadership and special interest groups from all sides. All of Donald's bravado, as most have seemed to have forgotten, will be made a moot point when he finds himself wedged between both political establishments and the Supreme Court.
His respect for the Constitution will tie his hands like no other President for over 100 years when it comes to telling the Justice Department and IRS what and whose to go after. He will not only have instant enemies from both parties and all departments, but also by bureaucrats entrenched by previous administrations from both sides of the aisle. If Trump somehow wins he will truly be the Lone Ranger with no one but his closest associates on his side.
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